Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – MERS® System Membership Application (eApplication)

Does the application have to be submitted electronically?

It is recommended that you submit the application electronically for faster and more efficient processing. If you are unable to submit the application electronically, please contact the MERSCORP Holdings Membership Department.

How long does the membership process typically take?

The average timeframe from application submission to becoming an active MERS® System Member is approximately three-to-four weeks, depending on the readiness and willingness of the applicant.

What documentation must be submitted with the application?

Documents vary based on your organization type. Refer to the list of required documentation to review those requirements. If you are unable to provide any of the required documentation as applicable to your membership type, please contact the Membership Department for further instructions.

What if the organization does not have an Errors & Omissions Policy or state bond?

If your company does not possess an Errors & Omissions (E&O) Policy or bond required by the state in which you are licensed to do business, you may initiate a $25,000 surety bond naming MERSCORP Holdings, Inc. and Mortgage Electronic Registration System, Inc. For more information on this requirement, please contact the MERSCORP Holdings Membership Department.

Are all of the organization’s contacts required to have a corporate email domain?

Yes, all contacts named on the application, including the individual submitting the application, must have a corporate email domain. We are unable to accept email addresses that use a public email domain (e.g.,

Who must perform the required attestations within the application?

The individual who performs the attestations within the application must have the authority to bind the organization in a contractual relationship.

What is the process after the application has been submitted?

Once the application has been submitted, a MERSCORP Holdings resource will walk you through a series of steps that include training, testing, and verifying that the organization has the necessary tools and resources to participate as a MERS® System Member, as applicable to the organization’s membership type. For a detailed description of the Integration Process, please review the Integration Outline.

Who will be the primary point of contact during the Integration Process?

The individual designated as the Integration Contact on the membership application.

When is the organization considered to be an active MERS® System Member?

The organization is considered an active MERS® System Member upon completion of the Integration Process, as applicable to the organization’s membership type.